Barcelona, Pagan Paradise. Anthony Pilley

Exhibition of paintings
29 October - 27 November, 2011

Museu del Càntir, Argentona

Museu del Càntir
Argentona (Barcelona)
Catalonia, Spain

Painting 'Meeting You Again'

Meeting You Again
31 x 36cm

Painting 'Barrio Chino'

Barrio Chino, Barcelona
26 x 28cm

Painting 'Alone'

26 x 28cm

Painting 'The Captain'

The Captain
31 x 26cm

Painting 'Million Dollar Hat'

Million Dollar Hat
40 x 58cm

Painting 'Couple With Two Dogs and A Car'

Couple With Two Dogs and A Car
31 x 26cm

Painting 'Confrontation'

40 x 46cm

Painting 'Argument'

28 x 36cm